Nantes Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Hotels and Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Hotels and Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes is a beautiful city located in the western part of France. It is located near the Loire. Nantes is most commonly known as Venice of the West. The city is rich in trade and traditional values.

Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes attracts millions of tourists through out the year. It is a famous Eurostar destination. Do not wait much and book your online ticket now. You can take your train from St Pancras International station London to beautiful city Paris and then from Paris to your destination that is Nantes. Enjoy few hours of a comfortable journey towards rocking vacations.

Nantes attractions

Nantes is a beautiful city where you can spend your vacations with full enjoyment and fun. There are lots of places to room. The city is a full package where you can see the historical monuments, markets, fun centers, discos and other points of entertainment.

  • Chateau des ducs de Bretagne: – it is a beautiful castle. It depicts the history of the city. The castle holds periodic exhibitions also.
  • Les Machines de L’ile: – It is a beautiful art gallery. Here you can find various kinds of art of the local artists.
  • Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul: – This place is the best example of the history of Nantes. It is also a religious place. Many pilgrims come to visit this place through out the year.
  • Espace Quilly: – It is a wonderful amusement park. It is a very innovative place.
  • Musee Lules Verne de Nantes: – This museum holds designer arts of famous artists. It is a must place to visit.
  • Musee Thomas- Dobree: – It is an amazing museum and ballet.

Accommodations in Nantes

Eurostar provides you perfect accommodations. You can find best and budgeted hotels in the city through Eurostar online bookings. The most interesting part is that you can save your money on booking of ticket and hotel together.

  • Hotel Mercure Nantes
  • Hotel All seasons centre place Royale
  • Hotel Amiral
  • Hotel Graslin
  • Hotel de France Nantes
  • Hotel Saint- Yves
  • Hotel Pommeraye
  • Berges de la Lorie
  • Best western Hotel de la Regate

Shopping in Nantes

Nantes is a perfect place for shopping. You can do each and every kind of shopping in the city. The streets are full of open markets where you can buy things according to your taste. Nantes also offers you a traditional and classy shopping.

  • Passage Pommeraye
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Fnac
  • Salsa Nova
  • Decre

Nightlife of Nantes

Nightlife of the city is very glamorous. There are so many night events to enjoy full night. You can enjoy in the spots like discos, bars, pubs, and casinos. The city gives you yummy French drinks and foods.

  • Cookoo
  • Le Loft
  • La Bodega
  • Ciglle
  • Harmonia Mundi
  • Oneness records Sarl
  • Homy’s
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Astral Travel Techniques and Lucid Dreams

Astral Travel Techniques and Lucid Dreams

Astral travel is a method of leaving one’s physical body and traveling to the astral plane by its astral body. The astral plane is a dimension of vibration that is much higher than the plane of the earth. According to experts, astral projection is one of our natural qualities that we had during childhood and which we lost as we grew up. However, every adult travels astral while sleeping. But that person doesn’t realize it most often as at that time, our physical body just rested.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams, on the other hand, are events where a person becomes aware that he is sleeping and dreaming. It’s just a game of our logical and subconscious mind where we often can’t distinguish between waking and sleeping. For example, a clear dreamer might wake up in the morning, get ready for work and actually go to his office just to get up in bed later. Lucid dreaming is a scientific process and does not really need the dreamer to sleep to occur. So there are 2 types of lucid dreams: Dream initiated by lucid dreaming (DILD) and wake lucid dreaming (WILD).

Difference between Astral & Lucid Dreaming trips

Both of these incidents are ways in which a person can gain access to the astral realm, even though lucid dreams are not the same as bodily experiences (OBE) such as astral travel. In the case of lucid dreams, someone is in control and responsible for how the experience will occur, but in the case of other dreams, people do not control their own experiences; but just exploring the details of the new world. So, in astral projection, one is bound by himself, while the other if it is truly free and is at its best.

Difference between Astral Travel & Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the process of seeing a place and another time while in your own place and time. The difference with astral travel is that a person does not need to leave his physical body as opposed to another. Long-distance viewers are on the same ‘earth’ plane while astral travelers are on the ‘astral’ plane.

Techniques for Astral projection

Astral travel is best done with a number of techniques, which are useful because sometimes it is too difficult to experience without them. Although anyone can learn this skill, like other skills, it is easier for some people than others. Astral silver cord is the most popular technique where one has to visualize (not the cord) that he climbed it to enter a higher place with their imaginary hands.

Other astral travel techniques include the roll out technique (imagining that a person is pulled out of his physical body), the anchor technique (imagine an object that is known to be in any place and move it with your mind). All of these techniques must be done while relaxing.

It helps to practice these techniques while in bed in the dark. It is obligatory to release your fear and anxiety and … Read More