Camping Cots to Consider

Camping usually means roughing it out on the wilds, but if you are just having a family camping or recreational camping, or if you just don’t want to stand the experience of waking up in the morning with pain all over your body, which is unnecessary while camping, then you should go for all the comfort you could get – this includes having portable camping cots on the camp.

Family Camping

There are different camping cots out there. Some have height or are set up far above the ground so that you are safe from insects or animals on the ground. However if you have a small tent, you can still have the ones with shorter legs. Cots for camping vary in sizes, as well as styles. There are even camping sleeping cots that could convert into loungers. These are good because you don’t have to bring extra chairs to occupy your campsite. The cots easily double as chairs, or tables.

Camping Cost

Good camping cot are not that heavy for easy transport and setup while camping. Cots’ weight could vary from 8 lbs. to 25 lbs. They are strong enough. They are made of heavy duty materials to last a lifetime for the rugged camper. Sturdy frame, steel legs and aluminum support could tolerate 350 pounds of weight. The legs should have protective paddings, if they are x-ed and not the no-end bar legged types, so the weight doesn’t damage the tent floor.

Most cots are made of polyester fabric – good as durable and water resistant. A good camping cot should also be portable and stores easily, like having a foldable frame. There are also ones that come with carrying cases.

You can log online and make comparisons of the best portable cot out there in the market. You can find cots in the price range of $20 up to $140. Make sure that you give in enough time to do this in order for you to get the best deals that your money can buy.


To summarize this article, here are some of the things you should consider while looking for that perfect camping cot for your taking. The size should matter. You should opt for a bigger more comfortable cot so you can move freely at night, but of course, this one should fit into the tent. The second thing to consider is the weight it can handle, if the cot is strong-framed. The maximum weight occupancy you can opt for if you think there may be weight problems is the 300+ lbs. tolerable cots. This makes a very stable and sturdy cot. The other thing to think about is the thickness of the padding. If you want more comfort, then go for the ones with slightly thicker foams. Next, folding cots come in different types of legs, x-ed ones or the no-end bar one. Test both of these types so you can see for yourself which ones are easier to set up. Also consider the carrying weight of the cot, for easy travel and setup. Other things to test are if the cots don’t squeak or are rust free.

Whatever camping cot you get, you are sure to enjoy comfortable nights just having a good bed under your body.