Winter Travel Destinations in India

Winter Travel Destinations in India

If regular work schedules are taking away your enthusiasm towards your health then this pleasing adventure holiday is highly recommended. It can be a true strategy to rejuvenate your soul in case you are sick and tired of doing the same and hectic work every day. Although, anytime is perfect when you might be planning to your start-off your refreshment in India, but winter months can add-up more relaxation. There are plenty of scopes to get a dream visit to India. Some of the unveiled destinations in India that happen to be on the list of the top list are:

Ali- First pick of skiers!

Located with a height of 9,500-10,500 ft in Uttaranchal, Alui is a premier ski resort in India. Snowy slopes of the mountain are sweetly scented with pine rendering it an incredible and exciting destination not just for skiers but nature lovers too. Auli’s temples and hot springs are also hot spots which are the most used tourists’ sites.

Leh Ladakh- Veiled, yet not unexplored

If you happen to be on the list of people who wish to explore spiritual ambiance in a calm and cool place then Leh Ladakh is usually a perfect tourist paradise for you. It is equally adventurous for youngsters that can view lovely landscapes, azure weather, and noticeable silence that will make this place special and different from other places. Perched on the height of 7500 meters, its temperature always lies below a minus degree.

Shimla-Manali- Archetypal hill station

Shimla is a wonderful location to see planes and hills covered with a white blanket from December to January. This can be one more winter destination to discover the amount of visiting places like temples, churches, colonial mansions, etc. Adding to this, as a vacationer you can even visit markets of Shimla …

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What to Visit When You Travel in Nuremberg

What to Visit When You Travel in Nuremberg

N├╝rnberg or Nurnberg is often a city located in Bavaria, which is the state of Germany. As of January 2018, the population was 502,984. Most of the time, when someone contemplates Nuremberg, he will almost certainly draw toys, gingerbread, Nuremberg trials or maybe Really Party Rally Grounds. However, this old city has more than that. There are Gothic churches, magnificent noble houses, and perfect places and corners for lovers. When you travel in Nuremberg, you will find several places that you can visit. You can talk with your travel assistance guide to find out more about the city or you can explore the entire area.

If you can travel in Nurnberg especially in the Old Town area, you will find various attractions here. Know first until it’s divided by the Pegnitz River. The upper part is called Sebalder Alstadt while the southern part is Lorenzer Altstadt. Then what about when you visit here? The first might be the Palace, which is open every day usually from nine to six later in the day except in October to March. They usually open at ten in the morning around four in the afternoon. This magnificent castle dominates the Old City, which was built in 1495. There are guided tours here but only in Germany. But other companies offer English-language tours.

In the suburbs, you will find the most beautiful church, which can become the Kraftshof Village Church. It has an interesting history that began through the idea that only those who lived in the city were allowed to build walls. Therefore, places that were not supposed to be in the city, they were not protected from troops who were likely to attack them. During that time, people decided to build a wall in the courtyard of this church. You will now understand …

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Nantes Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Hotels and Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Hotels and Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes is a beautiful city located in the western part of France. It is located near the Loire. Nantes is most commonly known as Venice of the West. The city is rich in trade and traditional values.

Nantes By Eurostar

Nantes attracts millions of tourists through out the year. It is a famous Eurostar destination. Do not wait much and book your online ticket now. You can take your train from St Pancras International station London to beautiful city Paris and then from Paris to your destination that is Nantes. Enjoy few hours of a comfortable journey towards rocking vacations.

Nantes attractions

Nantes is a beautiful city where you can spend your vacations with full enjoyment and fun. There are lots of places to room. The city is a full package where you can see the historical monuments, markets, fun centers, discos and other points of entertainment.

  • Chateau des ducs de Bretagne: – it is a beautiful castle. It depicts the history of the city. The castle holds periodic exhibitions also.
  • Les Machines de L’ile: – It is a beautiful art gallery. Here you can find various kinds of art of the local artists.
  • Cathedrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul: – This place is the best example of the history of Nantes. It is also a religious place. Many pilgrims come to visit this place through out the year.
  • Espace Quilly: – It is a wonderful amusement park. It is a very innovative place.
  • Musee Lules Verne de Nantes: – This museum holds designer arts of famous artists. It is a must place to visit.
  • Musee Thomas- Dobree: – It is an amazing museum and ballet.

Accommodations in Nantes

Eurostar provides you perfect accommodations. You can find best and budgeted hotels in the city through Eurostar online bookings. The most interesting …

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Astral Travel Techniques and Lucid Dreams

Astral Travel Techniques and Lucid Dreams

Astral travel is a method of leaving one’s physical body and traveling to the astral plane by its astral body. The astral plane is a dimension of vibration that is much higher than the plane of the earth. According to experts, astral projection is one of our natural qualities that we had during childhood and which we lost as we grew up. However, every adult travels astral while sleeping. But that person doesn’t realize it most often as at that time, our physical body just rested.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams, on the other hand, are events where a person becomes aware that he is sleeping and dreaming. It’s just a game of our logical and subconscious mind where we often can’t distinguish between waking and sleeping. For example, a clear dreamer might wake up in the morning, get ready for work and actually go to his office just to get up in bed later. Lucid dreaming is a scientific process and does not really need the dreamer to sleep to occur. So there are 2 types of lucid dreams: Dream initiated by lucid dreaming (DILD) and wake lucid dreaming (WILD).

Difference between Astral & Lucid Dreaming trips

Both of these incidents are ways in which a person can gain access to the astral realm, even though lucid dreams are not the same as bodily experiences (OBE) such as astral travel. In the case of lucid dreams, someone is in control and responsible for how the experience will occur, but in the case of other dreams, people do not control their own experiences; but just exploring the details of the new world. So, in astral projection, one is bound by himself, while the other if it is truly free and is at its best.

Difference between Astral Travel & Remote Viewing

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Sport Tourism – What It truly is

Here’s sport tourism explained. Like the concept of following your Football heroes to exotic destinations around the planet although they fight it out to obtain hold of your World Cup? This is exactly where Sport tourism comes in. This idea will not be a new 1. Because time immemorial, men and women have been following their favored athletes around the globe – be it for Olympics or for other gaming events.


However the distinction was, within the olden days, it wasn’t so easy for travelers. They had to face many hardship so that you can see their favored athletes play. The concept is rather diverse, in reality countries exactly where these events are held – for Eg. China, where the Olympics had been performed last year- make it a point to ease the path of travelers to increase tourism.

Sport tourism and vacations will need not just be about following your favorite athletes around the planet. You could organize somewhat sports vacation for employees of the firm to enhance bonding between families. For instance, you can fly out people today to unique destinations close by and hold a little baseball tournament for the athletes in your company! Trust me, it’s a fantastic approach to boost employee relationships. Additionally, it improves group function capabilities among staff.


So what do you may need in order to organize an event of such massive proportions?

  • Firstly, you’ll need to determine on a correct venue wherein you may conduct your occasion. For this you may need to acquire in touch with overseas sports clubs.
  • You will need a place that is catered specially for solutions like this. Sports tourism advertising is really a hot new niche of tourism and certain areas are creating up an image that will aid them cash
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