Enjoying the Caribbean with Family

When my sister asked me if I wanted to go to St Barts with her, I thought she was joking. We had always said we were going to run away to a tropical island, just for a weekend, but we had never really considered doing it. I thought she was just having a bad day when she asked me, so I was really surprised when she told me she was serious. She and her husband wanted to take their three kids there for a vacation, and she wanted me to go as well.

I have never had this kind of opportunity in the past, and I was not about to pass this one up. I am like a second mom to the kids, and her husband and I are great friends, so I knew that it would be a blast being there with all of them. I am single with no kids of my own, so it was nice to be included in their family vacation. The villa where we stayed was a five bedroom house, and it was just minutes to the beach. We were able to see the ocean from the villa deck though, and it was just stunning.

We were close enough to town and various activities, but we were still far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet of our private area. Talk about having the best of both worlds! We spent time at the beach, exploring local shops, eating at amazing restaurants, getting massages at the local resort and so much more. We only stayed a week, but it was the most peaceful and relaxing week I’d ever had. The kids still talk about the vacation, and we are going to go back in a year or so. Hopefully I will be taking a husband with me that time!