Gold Coast Travel: A Surfer’s Delight

Gold Coast Travel: A Surfer's Delight

Are you into surfing? Would you prefer to spend the whole vacation surfing rather than doing anything else? Do you consider yourself a professional when it comes to surfing? In case you do then you should definitely go to the place which is more commonly known as the surfer’s paradise.

In case you are wondering which place is being referred to here, then you seriously need to get a good idea about the world of surfing. That is exactly why Gold Coast travel is something that you must do. This coast in the continent of Australia off Queensland is one true paradise for the person who has a surfer’s heart. You should indeed visit this 52 km of pure bliss in the form of pristine beaches.

This coast line is a part of Brisbane and is a major urbanized area. As the name suggests this shoreline offers some of the most inviting golden beaches in the world. This coast consists of 14 shorelines. These shorelines are being continuously patrolled by the lifeguards all through the year. To encourage the sport of surfing this place has developed some great accommodations and has developed some very good hotels and resorts. During the summer months there are quite a number of flagged beaches which are open for surfers. In fact to be accurate there are 35 flagged beaches. There is a definite surfing time set from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

During these surfing hours there are around 65 casual guards who parole the coastline just to assist you. To make things easier there are around thousands of other guards who work on a voluntary basis. The entire patrol system is quite organized out here. Just for safety’s sake there is a good use of boats, jet skis and even of helicopters. This just makes sure that even if you are starting off as a surfer, you could actually be sure of your safety. The tidal waves in this part of the coast are quite a real challenge and one that would be worth a try.

In case you are planning a trip here and are genuinely interested in gold coast travel, then you should consider the time that is best for surfing. It is not very wise to plan a vacation during the winter. Try to plan your trip during the summer months. Obviously you need to keep in mind that gold coast lies in the southern hemisphere of the world. This means that the summer months begin from September. To be precise the best months to surf along the gold coast are from September to April. So plan out a surfing trip here and enjoy.