Holiday & Travel Guide For Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holiday & Travel Guide For Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Beach The beaches in Kuala Lumpur are amazing, with soft white sand and warm, clear waters, these beaches are pristine with only a few water sports available such as snorkeling and diving, there is no other lively ‘tourist’ sport that will ruin the experience for you . There are some amazing coral reefs and colorful tropical fish to see if you decide to go to the waters and there are small beach huts serving snacks and drinks to refresh you afterwards in many places along the coast. You can often find hidden coves for seclusion while bathing in the sun.

Look around

Something to try is the elephant protection day trip, which takes place in the beautiful tropical rainforest; this is where you will make close contact with orphans and experience the pleasure of feeding them and giving them their toiletries. You can then ride one of them, it is truly an extraordinary experience that you will never forget. What must be seen is the Stone Cave and the Temple, which is spectacular with extraordinary monuments at the entrance, but be warned there are a few steps (around 272 of them) to the cave, so those who have difficulty walking may find problems. This guided tour is very informative and you will meet some friendly monkeys on your tour. Explore the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia; it is perched on a mountainside, you will travel to the top by a cable-driven train and while you are there you can explore 72 hectares of beautiful botanical gardens, where you will also meet some of the more friendly monkeys roaming around . There is so much to see here, certainly spectacular, with “beautiful statues of the grace of the Goddess” and hundreds of turtles along the “Longevity Pool”. There is also a cable car ride, a Utah rehabilitation center, and beautiful walks to the hot springs. You will have many photo opportunities in Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings, and this is a journey that you will never forget.


There is some incredible shopping to be had in Kuala Lumpur, shopaholics will love it here with its extensive shopping centers that have exclusive designer and international shops. You will find everything and more; The main bookstore alone covers more than two floors in the 6 storey Suria KLCC shopping center, you will need one full day and maybe more to explore a large number of shops. Across the street, you will find another large shopping center called Avenue K, which not only houses designer shops and clothing stores, but also has luxury restaurants and nightclubs, all of your retail therapy needs will be met in Kuala Lumpur.

Night life

Kuala Lumpur has a lively nightlife, there are more than enough bars and clubs to entertain your night, and there are several private lounge for those on a larger budget. Apart from the hottest nightclubs, a city tour at night is a must see, the city comes alive with a blaze of color. The city also has no shortage of places to eat – you will find every variety of food that is served from breakfast to early morning, with almost all types of international cuisine available.

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