Holiday & Travel Guide For Lefkas and Preveza, Greece

Holiday & Travel Guide For Lefkas and Preveza, Greece

Night life

Party lovers will love the city of Nidri. The streets are full of loud bars and busy night clubs pumping music into the wee hours of the morning. The lively cities of Lefkas and Preveza have something for everyone, especially the 18 to 30 age group who want to party overnight.

There are also lots of nice bars to sit and relax in and have a pleasant drink while the party revellers do their thing in some of the other resorts.

Things to do

Lefkas or Preveza don’t have a great deal of sightseeing, but there are a few places that may interest you if you have managed to drag yourself out of your room after partying all night long. Agia Mavra castle has undergone some renovation work and is worth a visit. Also the church there is used during the summer months for concerts and festivals and tends to attract quite a few visitors for the cultural events. Lefkas was mostly ruined in the earthquakes in 1948 and hit again in 1953 so a lot of the Venetian style houses have gone, with only a few examples of traditional buildings dotted around. A lot of the buildings tend to be built with wood and sheet metal. They are not what you could really call charming but they are painted in bright summer colours along the narrow alleyways, and I suppose they make a good photo opportunity. The monastery of Panagia Faneromeni is well worth a visit. It’s not the original one that was built in 1634, as since then the monastery has been burnt down twice and re-built. Today it houses a superb collection of rare Byzantine icons and old manuscripts among other items of interest. You could also take a walk over the bridge that connects the island to the mainland if you’re looking to do a lot of exploring while on your holiday.


The beaches around the coast are wonderful, you have the pebbled beaches then the ones that stretch as far as your eye can see of golden soft sand. During the summer months most of the beaches are very busy. As the island does cater for a lot of the younger age groups you will find a great variety of water sports available like jet skiing, speed boats, wind surfing, kayaking and loads of other activities that will suit most people’s needs. The bars and restaurants are close by the beaches so you won’t need to travel far from your sun bed for a drink or lunch. Not to worry if you have brought a young family, there are quieter beaches with shallow waters for the kids to play and have fun in without having a back drop of loud music and a feast of water sport activities ruining your swim.


You will pretty much find a budget meal in any of the towns and villages, and there are those restaurants that cater for the ones that have no need to worry about expenses. Fast food outlets are found everywhere. Typical international foods are served as well as the traditional Greek cuisine, fresh fish is also very popular.

Happy Holidays