Things About Puri That You Don’t Know!!

Puri is a destination that has emerged as one of the greatest pilgrimage destinations of the country and is quite known as the spiritual capital of the Indian state of Orissa. Along with great spiritual beliefs, the place has developed as a great tourist attraction where thousands of tourists gather every year in search of blessings and entertainment.

The place is popular because of its historic importance, sanctuaries, moderate climate, natural charm and much more. Situated near the Bay of Bengal, Puri is the coastal stretch having beaches offering peace of mind. The city has a long Puri hotel list and resorts to provide relaxation to the visitors. Also the destination has got itself registered in the world tourist map having the ancient Kalinga architecture and one of the religious Hindu Dham.

Some of the most interesting things about this city that you don’t know are listed below for you:

Weather – Puri has emerged as a great tourist destination since past many years. The place being resting on the coastline remains moderate most of the time; the weather of the place favors the people reaching there on tours. Though, one can visit Puri in any of the months as the climate is charming and soothing yet for experiencing the best pleasures of the place, one should step ahead in October and November.

The last few months of the year becomes very entertaining in Puri and plenty of religious events and activities are held where people gather in huge numbers for having good time. Do check out the Puri hotel list online to book in advance especially during the peak season.

Food – One of the best things about Puri is its food. The best food courts of the place use less oil and mix well the accurate quantity of healthy spices which exceptionally blends well and become mouth watering cuisines of several flavors. Rice is a common meal of the region and people love doing the same when in Puri. Sweets in Puri are mostly supposed to have cheese as the base which gives outstanding taste to the people.

The Odishi restaurant is one of the spectacular shelters to spend something against food. Pokhal, Macha Besara, Chingudi Kossa and Kheeri are the specialties of the place. All the hotels included in Puri hotel list offer outstanding cuisines at reasonable prices.

Places to See – Located on the coast line of the Bay of Bengal, the Puri beach is a great destination for tourists to have some pleasure.  The place is much suitable for spending some hours of pleasure and viewing sunrise and sunset scenery. The crystal clear water along with white sand make the place suitable for swimming and other adventures as well.

The very gorgeous Chilika Lake entertains tourists in huge numbers every year. The lake is the paradise on the globe for those who love bird watching and are fond of nature. It is the largest of the salt water ponds in the Asian continent. One can spend some good time here with friends and family and make memories of life time much close to nature.

One of the largest tanks in Odisha, Narendra tank is also a tourist attraction of the place. The tank was built in the earlier fifteenth century and now has emerged as an important attraction of the destination. This very attraction serves calmness to one’s mind and brings the feel of relaxation into the lap of nature. There are plenty other gateways as well where people can live rejoicing moments all together.

Religious Events – Puri is one of the holiest places of the country. Many temples, ashrams and monasteries are sheltered here. Many of the religious events are held in Puri where devotees in numbers gather and get some pleasure.

Snana Yatra, Ratha Yatra, Sri Hari Sayan, Utthapan Yatra, Parswa Paribartan, Prarbana Yatra, Pusyavishek, Uttarayan, Dola Yatra, Akshaya Tritiya etc. are some of the most celebrated religious events held in Puri. The devotion of the devotees is the biggest reason which makes such big events well organized and full of entertainment.

Shopping – Puri is a good place to make some purchases. Thousands of visitors reach Puri and most of them take good advantage of the quality of accessories available here. The exciting beaches, temples and market are enriched with multiple shopping stores. Shops in Puri offer a variety of handicrafts in good quality. Oyster items and shells are mostly purchased here by the people.

A number of decorative products are also available which can be taken in use for many occasions. Other things for shopping are cigar boxes, jewelry, fabrics, statues, top class paintings, kitchen utensils, cotton and silk fabric, baskets and many more. Shops in Puri are generally related with good bargaining which tourists must experience for getting profitable deals.

Things to do – One gets chance to explore one of the greatest pilgrimage sites of the Hindus -The Jagannath Temple. The temple has rejoicing vibes which develops a sense of positivity in the minds of visitors. Tourists must visit the beaches of the place for experiencing some great time of their life time. The beaches are clean and worth spending time with best company.

One gets outstanding flavors to taste at reasonable prices which add more charm to ones tour to Puri.

We can conclude that Puri is a popular tourist destination in India which attracts people from worldwide toward its spirituality and entertainment gateways. You should plan a trip to Puri if you wish to enjoy a spiritual tour along with witnessing scenic beauty!