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Travel & LeisureWhere are Kevin and Ruth right now? Galetta, Ontario, Canada. Just south of Ottawa.

If we had time, we would have liked to have seen Big Bend National Park, but unfortunately it’s 4-five hours south of the highway. Guadalupe Mountains National Park is also in amongst this region and the Carlsbad area, so if you have time, that’s supposed to be a gorgeous scenic drive. Texas natives, please report your best areas to see in Texas so we can expand upon this area of this page! Make a recommendation in the comments.

The Aire-Mate’s design entirely cradles your neck, delivering you with total comfort in an upright or reclining position. The bottom portion of the pillow gives a comfortable cradle to rest your hands or arms on while at the same time supplying a quite gentle downward pressure, providing your neck total help. It is this ergonomic design that makes the pillow so comfy – enabling you to rest or sleep deeply without having any neck fatigue.

This is your travel route: to and from cities. When you see an ‘X’, this signifies a transit city or connection, where you invest less than 24 hours. Occasionally you may also see ” on the left side of the city, this will show you the city where you have a stopover, much more than a 24 hour stop. Nepalis are conservative when it comes to clothing, so keep that in mind when packing for your trip, specially if you are going to be going to tiny villages. As often, be positive to comply with my adventures in Croatia on INSTAGRAM @TravelWriteDraw !!

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