What to Visit When You Travel in Nuremberg

What to Visit When You Travel in Nuremberg

Nürnberg or Nurnberg is often a city located in Bavaria, which is the state of Germany. As of January 2018, the population was 502,984. Most of the time, when someone contemplates Nuremberg, he will almost certainly draw toys, gingerbread, Nuremberg trials or maybe Really Party Rally Grounds. However, this old city has more than that. There are Gothic churches, magnificent noble houses, and perfect places and corners for lovers. When you travel in Nuremberg, you will find several places that you can visit. You can talk with your travel assistance guide to find out more about the city or you can explore the entire area.

If you can travel in Nurnberg especially in the Old Town area, you will find various attractions here. Know first until it’s divided by the Pegnitz River. The upper part is called Sebalder Alstadt while the southern part is Lorenzer Altstadt. Then what about when you visit here? The first might be the Palace, which is open every day usually from nine to six later in the day except in October to March. They usually open at ten in the morning around four in the afternoon. This magnificent castle dominates the Old City, which was built in 1495. There are guided tours here but only in Germany. But other companies offer English-language tours.

In the suburbs, you will find the most beautiful church, which can become the Kraftshof Village Church. It has an interesting history that began through the idea that only those who lived in the city were allowed to build walls. Therefore, places that were not supposed to be in the city, they were not protected from troops who were likely to attack them. During that time, people decided to build a wall in the courtyard of this church. You will now understand their work every time you visit this place.

If you like museums, you will find tons of things in the city including the Germanisches National Museum and the Museum of Transportation. In the latter, you can find two collections here namely the Museum on the National Railroad along with the Communication Museum. There are also other museums such as the Toy Museum, House of Albrecht Durer and the Museum of Industrial Culture.

The Nuremberg Hotspot is not the only thing that makes tourists go to the city. There are also events like the Volksfest and also the Old Town Festival, known as the Altstadtfest. This is held every September and attracts the great attention of your locals along with strangers. Also one of the interesting celebrations might be Lange Nacht det Wissenschaften or Long Night of Science. This is an event that happens every October when most companies like the Institute of Technology open their gates to the public.

One will enjoy traveling in Nurnberg with a variety of places that are served to the average person.